Weight Watchers Points Plus Food List

weight watchers points plus food list 1
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Weight Watchers Points Plus Food List

weight watchers points plus food list

Food regimen fads come and pass, but Weight Watchers has been assisting people to lose weight for more than 50 years. The program uses a points system that will help you make wholesome food choices and manipulate calories for weight loss, which nonetheless permits you to eat what you want. Weight Watchers is always updating their weight loss program based totally on the trendy scientific research, and in December 2015, the plan changed from PointsPlus to SmartPoints based on the most modern-day information for secure, healthy weight reduction. Consult your health practitioner earlier than making any adjustments in your weight-reduction plan.

weight watchers point plus food list


The Weight Watchers PointsPlus gadget includes protein and fibre to calculate factors, whilst SmartPoints includes energy, protein, saturated fat and sugars to calculate points. The protein content of a meal lowers the quantity, and sugar and saturated fat increase the number. The goal of the new SmartPoints plan is to assist dieters to consume more lean protein, fruits and vegetables and much less sugar and saturated fat. Weight Watchers notes that protein and fibre help make you sense full longer, which is one of the reasons for the point of interest in each PointsPlus and SmartPoints.

WEIGHT WATCHERS zero factor foods

Like PointsPlus, nearly all clean culmination and most fresh greens have 0 factors on the SmartPoints plan. So no-factor selections encompass apples, bananas, oranges, melon and berries, together with non-starchy veggies together with broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, celery, green beans, asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

Black espresso and tea, sugar-unfastened beverages and weight loss plan soda also are 0-factor foods at the Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan. fat-unfastened broth, sugar-free gelatin and sugar-unfastened frozen flavoured-water also have zero points. both fresh and dried herbs and spices are also free, which includes garlic, rosemary, basil, cinnamon and 5 spice powder. other loose meals flavourings include vinegar, soy sauce and lemon and lime juice. Serving length does now not be counted; you may eat as tons of these meals as you want, and the factor price stays 0.


Starchy meals, consisting of bread, grains, pasta, cereal, potatoes, peas and beans, are a touch higher in energy than end result and veggies and have varying point values, depending on the object. at the same time as it’s healthier to move for whole grains, Weight Watchers points are identical in case you’re eating the refined-grain or entire-grain model. as an instance, one slice of bread, whether or not white or entire wheat, has 2 factors, at the same time as 1 cup of cooked normal or whole-wheat pasta has 5 points. it’s equal for white and brown rice, which has 6 factors in step with a cup. One cup of cooked oatmeal has five points, the same serving of equipped-to-consume entire-grain cereal has 4 factors, and 1 cup of cereal sweetened with sugar replacement has 3 factors.

Starchy vegetables, consisting of potatoes, peas and corn, aren’t loose like different greens on the Weight Watchers plan. A 1/2 cup serving of peas has 2 factors, a half of cup serving of sweet potatoes or a medium ear of corn has three factors, and a medium, an undressed baked potato has 5 factors.

break up peas and beans, which include kidney beans and chickpeas, have 3 factors consistent with half-cup serving. tablespoons of hummus have 2 factors.


As you would possibly guess, lean assets of protein are low in factors on the Weight Watchers plan. as an instance, a 3-ounce portion of hen breast has 2 points, and 3 oz. of sirloin or lean red meat has 3 factors. Fish is even lower in factors, with three oz. of plain shrimp, lobster, tuna steak or tilapia with 1 factor every. A can of water-packed tuna is likewise 1 point. Oil-rich fish, which includes salmon and herring, are 4 factors in keeping with three-ounce serving. One egg has 2 factors, and 3 egg whites or half of cup of egg alternative has 1 factor.

Meats better in energy and saturated fat have better point values. A three-ounce the big apple steak has 5 points, a 3-ounce bratwurst has nine points, and one beef or beef hot dog has 6 factors. ordinary Bacon also has a higher factor value, with 5 factors for three slices, versus three points within the identical serving of turkey Bacon.

For non-meat eaters, Weight Watchers also has a number of low-point items which can be 1 point every, inclusive of 3 oz. of company tofu, half of cup of meat substitute or half of cup of soy cheese.


fat is a focused source of calories and has better Weight Watcher factor values than a number of alternative food alternatives. for instance, 1 tablespoon of canola oil has 4 factors, at the same time as a teaspoon of greater virgin olive oil has 1 factor. A tablespoon of ordinary mayonnaise additionally includes 3 points, even as the equal serving length of a discounted-fat model includes 2 points. Nuts and nut butter also have better factor values, with four points in a 1/4-cup serving of almonds and six factors in a 2-tablespoon serving of peanut butter. Avocados also are wholesome fats and comprise three points per 1/4 of the fruit.

despite the fact that they each incorporate the same energy, 1 tablespoon of butter is well worth five factors, while the same serving of margarine is four factors. The factor distinction is because of the saturated fat in butter. A tablespoon of lard or shortening additionally has 5 points.


in keeping with 2011 have a look at the post in the journal of nutrition, getting extra dairy ingredients in your eating regimen allow you to lose fats and hold muscle, so don’t skimp on the milk on your Weight Watchers food regimen. One cup of nonfat milk has 3 points, at the same time as the identical serving of whole milk has 7 factors. Yoghurt is a good source of calcium and protein, too. To save points, move for nonfat undeniable Greek yoghurt, which has three points in step with a cup, versus five factors inside the equal serving of regular nonfat yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is higher in protein than ordinary yoghurt, which explains the difference in points. if you experience cheese, you may need to remember the low-fat version whilst following Weight Watchers, which has 1 point in line with an ounce, as opposed to 4 factors inside the equal serving of the total-fats version.

For non-milk drinkers, bear in mind soy or almond milk. A cup of soy milk, whether fats-unfastened or regular, has three points, at the same time as the same serving of unsweetened almond milk has 1 point.

WEIGHT WATCHERS points for fast food

weight watchers points plus food list 2

What makes Weight Watchers so available is that you may devour something at the software, even though, if you like speedy food, it might cost you all of your points for one meal. A small fast food hamburger has 7 points, at the same time as a huge burger has 13 factors. An ordinary cheeseburger has 12 factors, and a serving of french fries ranges from 7 factors to 11 points. A six-piece serving of chook nuggets has 9 factors, even as a fried hen breast with the bone has eleven points. If you want pizza, a slice of cheese from a 14-inch pie with a thin crust has eight points, and pepperoni has nine factors. Tacos make decrease point alternatives for the load Watchers dieter, with four points in a smooth-shell taco and five in a difficult-shell taco.


Like rapid food, sweet treats also are allowed on the software, however, it will fee you. One cookie, whether or not chocolate chip, oatmeal or sugar, has 3 points. A fun-length chocolate bar has 4 points, even as the overall version has 12 points. If you like ice cream, you will save points consuming the sugar-loose fats-loose version, with three factors per 1/2 cup as opposed to 7 factors in the normal version. Apple pie is likewise high in points, with 12 factors in line with a slice. And a piece of iced cake, with 23 factors, may cost you a maximum of your everyday factors.

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