Weight Watchers Offers and Plans+Free Starter Kit

Weight Watchers Offers


Weight Watchers Offers

Weight Watchers Offers 3 different plans for their customers. All their plans are on a weekly bases. All of them are equally effective and working but these are different for the way of communication. For example, you can choose Digital. In this plan, you will be guided through your smart devices.

Only those members who have WW Studio nearby them can avail Digital+Studio. If you choose this plan then you can guidance on your mobile devices as well as at their studio. This plan is also weekly and you have to pay averagely $5-10 weekly. If you want to pick this plan then you have to enter your zip code. This is to ensure that if there is any WW office in your area. If WW has any physical office in your area then you can choose Digital+Studio plan.

Here is another plan for those who want to join but are not satisfied. Weight Watchers offers Digital+Personal Coach. This is a very unique concept. If you want to lose weight and tried many meal plans, recipes and tried many exercises on your own and didn’t got any result then you will feel comfortable with a personal coach. You know if you make any mistake he/she will personally guide you. You can ask a question directly without any hesitation.

Weight Watchers Offers Chart

Weight Watchers Offers Chart
Weight Watchers Offers Chart

But here is a ww free starter kit:

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Best of WW 0 Smartpoints Recipes Cookbook —This part exclusive collection incorporates zero Points® recipes plus $20 worth of coupons.Collapsing Cutting Board and Easy Chopper —Quickly slash lettuce, herbs, cooked poultry or eggs, vegetables, and more and hurl right in your bowl or skillet with no wreckage! They highlight delicate, non-slip holds and high-review sans BPA plastic for secure, safe cleaving and simple stockpiling.Fish and Vegetable Steamer — Just add water to the base of the steamer, cover the plate and microwave for simple, sound dinners.Egg Cooker —Makes pressure and chaos free omelettes and poached eggs in only 2 minutes!


    1. Join WW by 12/13/18 and buy a qualified membership plan in a taking an interest region to get your unit, while supplies last. One unit for every part.

    2. If you buy an eligible Digital + Studio (some time ago Meetings) membership plan, your pack will be automatically mailed to the location given amid information exchange. If you don’t mind permit 7-14 days for conveyance.


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